Welcome to Trinity Presbyterian Church

Trinity Presbyterian Church began meeting in 1980 with the first gathering at Holland Hall School.  In 2005, the congregation of our church in South Tulsa moved to its present location on 111th between Memorial and Mingo. People come to this church from across the Tulsa metro area where they find a strong emphasis on mission and spirituality. The people who attend our Bixby church come from many backgrounds.  They are teachers, city workers, engineers, finance professionals, IT professionals and representatives from a variety of other community occupations.


Gathered in Faith...

As a community of faith, we work together in mission activities like feeding hungry children or volunteering in the city’s hospitals. In fact, every worship service at our South Tulsa church is a time and place for devotion and fellowship. The services energize and motivate those who come here to serve others with their talents because of their love of God.  Trinity Presbyterian Church in Bixby is a Christ-centered fellowship of believers serving their families and neighbors because of their devotion to him.



...Centered in Worship

Though it is difficult to describe the culture of the congregation in so short a space, you can expect to encounter genuine faith commitment in a casual worship driven setting.  Our worship is an intermingling of historic New Testament beliefs and contemporary conversations about faith and practice.  Worship services at our Bixby church are what can be called blended. We sing new songs from the 21st century church while singing our faith from honored hymns from the past.  Mini-movies, drama, orchestration, keyboard presentation, guest speakers & musicians, connectivity for tablets & other technology, small group choral singing, Bible reading from modern versions, spontaneous and read prayers and people-led worship honor our long held tradition--the heart of worship is prayer and song is a response that engages the whole person in that prayer experience.  Congregational worship at Trinity Presbyterian Church in South Tulsa begins in the café and gravitates toward the gathering at 10:30 a.m. Sunday mornings.

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