Presbyterianism is "reformed and always reforming."  Presbyterians are open to change and new ideas as our surprising, steadfast God puts them before us.  In the Presbyterian Church, each individual person is given great authority.  Each one is asked to read and interpret Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  This leads to a healthy diversity of opinion within our church.

However, we also have shared beliefs. We believe that:

•    God is good and continually working for good in history.
•    Jesus is the ultimate revelation of God's being and will.
•    The church is a place where we come together to discern the will of God, grow spiritually, and work for justice and peace.
•    All persons are invited to participate fully in ministry, regardless of age, disability, economic or social circumstance, gender, marital status, race or sexual orientation.

Trinity Presbyterian Church is connected to the following Presbyterian church organizations:



Faith is well understood as a journey.  To join a church is to say, “I feel led to go on this faith journey, to follow Jesus Christ.  I may not have it all figured out, but I am wholeheartedly committed to the journey.”  

•    Transfer of Certificate of Membership from another church
•    Reaffirmation of Faith for those who have not been involved in a church in a long period of time
•    Affirmation of Faith for those who have never been a participant in a congregation
•    Participating in the Confirmation Class, a class for older youth who are considering their membership in the life of the church

If you wish to explore membership, you are cordially invited to call the pastor at 918.369.3690.  New members can expect a time of introduction online and in the education program of the church that teaches new members about our faith and how we organize to do the work of the congregation.