rev. lucus keppel & rev. elana levy

Trinity Co-Pastors

Pastor Elana and Pastor Lucus are serving as co-pastors of Trinity Presbyterian Church. This is their first call together as a clergy couple.


Rev. Elana Levy sees G-d’s work inscribed throughout the world. Growing up with a Jewish father and Presbyterian mother, religious conversations were all playful and interfaith. Engaging and appreciating difference meant that exact agreement was not required to cultivate a beautiful life that pleases G-d. 

From a very young age, Elana has been drawn to the study of the Holocaust, particularly those who acted with such cruelty. She learned German in school, and received undergraduate degrees in German language and psychology. She spent ten years translating documents about concentration camp guards. She pursues questions: How could humans do this? Who are we when we stray from our creaturely calling? What can Christians do to cultivate justice? These unanswerable questions prompt her to see people as people first and to reach out even when hope seems lost.

After college, Elana earned a Masters of Social Work with a special focus on older adults, the bereaved, and those traumatized by sexual assault. G-d’s presence is most strongly felt when we are present, attentive, and loving to one another. Feeling strongly called to the ministry, Elana completed her Masters of Divinity and received a call as a Pastoral Care Associate in Roswell, NM (where she ministered to all comers, even aliens!).
Elana loves movies (and quoting them!); games and puzzles; deep conversations that come out of nowhere; prayer from the heart; and moments of genuine human kindness. She is thrilled to be Co-Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian and can’t wait to welcome you in to sit and visit for a spell. 


An ordained Presbyterian Pastor since 2013, Lucus arrived at Trinity Presbyterian Church in August, 2016. He received a Masters of Divinity from Louisville Seminary in 2012, and holds a Master of Arts in Electronic Media Management from Central Michigan University. Prior to his ministry at Trinity, Lucus served two churches together in central New Mexico; hosted the Morning Show at the Catholic radio station KNOM in Nome, Alaska; and worked with the Night Ministry, offering food and fellowship to people experiencing homelessness on the streets of Chicago. 

When he’s not at work, Lucus enjoys playing board games and role-playing games, acting in community theatre productions, and reading science fiction/fantasy novels. 

In his preaching, Lucus seeks to bring Scripture to life through storytelling, history, and theatre. He loves to make connections between the historical context of the scriptures and our present-day circumstances, especially as they relate to seeing God’s love in the world. That divine love calls everyone to work together for peace, justice, and understanding – so let’s get to work!

There’s a place for you with Trinity Presbyterian Church – to grow, to love, to live, and to serve.